Commercial Litigation

Clark Law Firm can represent your interests in nearly any business or commercial dispute, including contract negotiation or disputes. Shareholder/member litigation and disputes, and non-competition negotiations, litigation or disputes

Commercial Litigation

Business Law

Clark Law Firm can help keep your business on the right track. Whether creating a new entity or providing counsel to third-generation businesses, Clark Law Firm offers insightful advice and can draft and create contracts for small to medium-sized businesses.

Business Law

Real Property Litigation & Transactions

Clark Law firm can evaluate property sale/purchase agreements, title disputes, lease and rental agreements, and help guide all aspects of the real estate transaction. The firm also regularly works with conservation easements and development transactions, as well as assisting clients with real property disputes and litigation.

Real Property Litigation & Transactions

Civil Litigation

Clark Law Firm can represent you or your business in various types of litigation.

Civil Litigation

When Your Business Needs Legal Advice and Representation

Visit Clark Law Firm, for business law matters in Birmingham, AL

When it comes to your business, making the wrong moves can be costly. For help navigating business transactions and disputes, turn to Clark Law Firm. John W. Clark IV can handle all your business law needs in Birmingham, and throughout Alabama.

Mr. Clark is licensed to practice law in Alabama, Florida and Mississippi. He brings over a decade of experience to every transaction and case. He’s as comfortable defending your business interests in a courtroom as he is negotiating a contract in a boardroom.
Reach out to him today to share the details of your problem.

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Mr. Clark’s practice areas

John W. Clark IV is well-versed in business law, specifically with matters involving litigation and business transactions. His practice areas include:

  • Business law: Mr. Clark can advise you on important business decisions.
  • Commercial litigation: Mr. Clark can help resolve contract disputes and shareholder/member issues.
  • Real estate litigation: Mr. Clark can handle disputes over real property, conservation easements, and title insurance disputes, among other real property areas
  • Civil litigation: Mr. Clark can prosecute or defend a myriad of claims in state or federal court.

Don’t try to deal with business law matters on your own.
Contact Clark Law Firm and John Clark today and put his knowledge to work for you.

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Learn more about John Clark

John W. Clark IV is a respected business lawyer in Birmingham, AL. Mr. Clark received his degree from the University of Alabama School of Law in 2005. Mr. Clark obtained a Master of Arts degree in Banking and Finance from the University of Alabama in 2002, and a double major from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in 2001, in Business Administration and Political Science. He was recognized by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star in 2013 and in bueiness litigation from 2014 to present. Mr. Clark is recognized by Best Lawyers for real property litigation in 2018. He’s also a member of the Red Mountain Law Group.

Call Mr. Clark now at 205-506-0075 to get the legal help you need to resolve your business issues.